Re: Any recent changes in builder to set the local_ip on mininet VMs?

Vishal Thapar <vthapar@...>

Has genius started reusing some of netvirt scripts? Local_ip is set as part of netvirt deployment, so if you're reusing one of those util libraries, that may be doing it.

On Mon, Jul 30, 2018 at 9:38 PM, Jamo Luhrsen <jluhrsen@...> wrote:
I don't know of anything, Faseela. Sorry. Maybe others have some clues?


On 07/27/2018 08:33 PM, Faseela K wrote:
Are we doing the below setting on OVS by default for the VMs which are used for genius CSIT?

ovs-vsctl    set O . other_config:local_ip=


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I don't know of anything recent that would be doing this.

What exactly is being done? We can search our console logs, and robot xml files to try to figure out.


On 07/27/2018 03:23 AM, Faseela K wrote:

     Genius CSIT has a suite which does manual ITM configuration verification.

     Recently, we are seeing that both manual and auto configuration is kicking in for this suite.

     We had no steps to explicitly disable itm auto-tunnels, as
local_ip was never set on OVS before, and hence auto-tunnels won't kick in.

     Was there any recent change done in the integration_deploy scripts to set this on all mininet VMs?



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