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Karthika Paneer <karthikapaneer97@...>

Hi Jamo/Sam,
I have done the changes to the pybot file to include ${SUITES} variable.
And I also implemented Sam's idea , but it doesnt work as expected.

${SUITES} stores value as  : 

Pods_Basic_Connectivity_Tests.robot /w/workspace/Karthikacoe-csit-1node-container-networking-all-fluorine/test/csit/suites/coe/Pods_Scalability_Tests.robot To compare it against the current suite I used , ${SUITE_NAME} (from BuiltIn) which stores value as ,
${current suite} = coe-container-networking.txt.Pods Basic Connectivity Tests So when i compare the first value in list ${SUITES} and ${current suite} using BuiltIn.Evaluate it obviously fails (Even if i use regex and extract the suite name alone) More precisely , Pods_Basic_Connectivity_Tests.robot != Pods Basic Connectivity Tests How do we fix this?
Regards, R P Karthika

On Mon, Jul 30, 2018 at 8:51 PM, Karthika Paneer <karthikapaneer97@...> wrote:
Thanks Jamo,
Let me try it and provide the updates

R P Karthika

On Mon, Jul 30, 2018 at 8:49 PM, Jamo Luhrsen <jluhrsen@...> wrote:

pybot is not even executing here ("[ ERROR ] Parsing '-v' failed: Data source does not exist.")
so your patch [1] is irrelevant.

the problem is you are passing the ${SUITES} variable, which has spaces in it on the
command line. you will probably just need to wrap "${SUITES}" in quotes to make it

either way, that is something to quickly figure out/test locally so you don't have
all the overhead of the sandbox.

hope it helps,

On 07/30/2018 08:02 AM, Karthika Paneer wrote:
Hi Jamo/Sam,
As a result of discussion we had in IRC (regarding having single start and stop suite for COE) I have modified my patch [1] and pushed a separate patch [2] to include suites variable in **.
Now when I trigger a sandbox job for patch[1] it fails with the following error,


*07:38:10* + pybot -N coe-container-networking.txt --removekeywords wuks -c critical -e exclude -e skip_if_fluorine -v BUNDLEFOLDER:karaf-0.9.0-SNAPSHOT -v BUNDLE_URL: <>  -v CONTROLLER: -v CONTROLLER_USER:jenkins -v JAVA_HOME:/usr/lib/jvm/java-1.8.0 -v JDKVERSION:openjdk8 -v JENKINS_WORKSPACE:/w/workspace/Karthikacoe-csit-1node-container-networking-all-fluorine -v MININET1: -v MININET2: -v MININET3: -v MININET4: -v MININET5: -v MININET: -v MININET_USER:jenkins -v NEXUSURL_PREFIX: <>  -v NUM_ODL_SYSTEM:1 -v NUM_TOOLS_SYSTEM:3 -v ODL_STREAM:fluorine -v ODL_SYSTEM_1_IP: -v ODL_SYSTEM_IP: -v ODL_SYSTEM_USER:jenkins -v SUITES:/w/workspace/Karthikacoe-csit-1node-container-networking-all-fluorine/test/csit/suites/coe/Pods_Basic_Connectivity_Tests.robot /w/workspace/Karthikacoe-csit-1node-container-networking-all-fluorine/test/csit/suites/coe/Pods_Scalability_Tests.robot -v TOOLS_SYSTEM_1_IP: -v TOOLS_SYSTEM_2_IP: -v TOOLS_SYSTEM_3_IP: -v TOOLS_SYSTEM_4_IP: -v TOOLS_SYSTEM_5_IP: -v TOOLS_SYSTEM_6_IP: -v TOOLS_SYSTEM_IP: -v TOOLS_SYSTEM_USER:jenkins -v USER_HOME:/home/jenkins -v WORKSPACE:/tmp /w/workspace/Karthikacoe-csit-1node-container-networking-all-fluorine/test/csit/suites/coe/Pods_Basic_Connectivity_Tests.robot /w/workspace/Karthikacoe-csit-1node-container-networking-all-fluorine/test/csit/suites/coe/Pods_Scalability_Tests.robot
*07:38:11* [ ERROR ] Parsing '-v' failed: Data source does not exist.

Is it because the changes in patch [2] not being reflected  in patch [1]?
How do I rectify this error?

[1] : <>
[2] : <>

R P Karthika

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