Informational follow-up || Re: [OpenDaylight TSC] Publishing ODL models to github?

Einar Nilsen-Nygaard (einarnn) <einarnn@...>


Apologies for taking longer than I expected to get through back-from-vacation tasks!! Here’s a quick summary of the items we discussed:

  • The location of models and internal directory is pretty much up to the contributor to decide. Under "experimental" is probably a good start.
  • If you intend to release models relating to specific "platform" release versions, I have found that it is best to include all dependencies you may have, rather than try to refer to them in their "home" location. I found this to be most necessary when looking at openconfig models and how to refer to changing versions in the openconfig repo versus the slightly lagging support in Cisco platforms.
  • Models are typically checked pre-merge. This is done by using a Travis config that invokes model checking scripts. The model check scripts are ideally provided by the contributor. There ere examples to copy. A brief tour:
  • For automated checking etc., you may be able to leverage code currently stored in this git repo under or perhaps soon in the YANG Catalog org, (the code isn’t there yet, but I believe the YANG Catalog team intend to move it)

I think this covers the main points we discussed live, and I’m happy to respond to any more queries.



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The TWS for this topic has been scheduled for July 23rd.

Meeting coordinates and other logistics is available at


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