Re: [OpenDaylight TSC] TSC agenda: quick update on tpce issues

Jakub Morvay <jmorvay@...>

Why don't we use the corresponding test-tool for each release? I mean
NETCONF-504 is fixed so there is no need to use Nitrogen-SR3 (or
Oxygen-SR2) test-tool for all releases. We should use Oxygen test-tool,
when testing Oxygen and Fluorine test-tool when testing Fluorine.

Jakub Morvay

On 08/04/2018 06:48 AM, Jamo Luhrsen wrote:

On 08/03/2018 04:36 PM, Robert Varga wrote:
On 02/08/18 22:36, Jakub Morvay wrote:
I've checked netconf's CSIT jobs and there seems to be an issue
connecting netconf testtool. CSIT jobs are using testtool with version
1.3.2. bumps the testtool to Oxygen
SR2 (1.4.2).


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