The correct approach to integrate NetVirt own sub-module into ODL?

"Irving <418624178@...>


I build my own distribution of ODL as RPM package for deployment. The situation goes like:

1. Build my own sub-module for HWvTEP L3 support under netvirt.

2. Re-modified topology-manager under openflowplugin for DLUX displaying multi-layer topology (VM, OvS, ToR, and other layers).

3. There are other re-modified patches under Genius ITM and OVSDB. But their location are flexible, I haven't decide yet (could do it in some Genius util classes, or netvirt own sub-module).

So I try to build different RPMs for each project (controller, netvirt, Openflowplugin, ovsdb), than I am able to use RPMs for integration. However it looks like a dead-end.

Anyone has ideas about how to integrate multi re-modifications cross multi projects in ODL? Or should I try to integrate the codes as a all-in-one sub-module for deployment via RPM?


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