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Prateek Chanda <prateekkol21@...>


This is an update to my last week's work.

- Fixed commit-msg hook issue in my local machine and successfully build upon opendaylight docs and releng/docs
- Sent a patch for additional feature enhancement for development guide under releng/docs - successfully merged.
- Updated links to new pages under wiki page of opendaylight instead of the outdated content.

For duplicate gerrit guides, I see many of them has the tag Deprecated at the beginning. Will updating all such duplicates with deprecated keyword be good enough, or will it be better to delete those pages entirely?


On Fri, Aug 10, 2018 at 6:41 PM, Prateek Chanda <prateekkol21@...> wrote:
Thanks for the heads up.

I would available during Tuesday every week at 7pm or 8 pm IST if possible.

I was recently facing some issues related to commit hooks while pushing some of my changes on gerrit.
Hopefully, I can get that resolved by this week.

In the mean time I am preparing a TODO list of the high priority things that needs to be done.


On Thu, Aug 9, 2018 at 12:40 PM, Daniel Farrell <dfarrell@...> wrote:
On Sat, Aug 4, 2018 at 12:32 PM Prateek Chanda <prateekkol21@...> wrote:

My name is Prateek and I will be contributing to OpenDaylight Documentation and the wiki improvement as an intern for the upcoming 6 months.

Looking forward to working with you. :)

What timezone are you in? Would you be able to attend the weekly docs call (3PM ET Tuesdays, see wiki/Meetings)?
 Last week, I listed down some missing info in the main opendaylight documentation as opposed to present in

For example some info like Installation Guide and other guides are available under the carbon version and not under the present oxygen version. So that needs to be worked upon.

I wanted to know, if I need to push the changes through Gerrit or I can do so through GitHub in the docs repository if it exists on GitHub

You should use Gerrit to send changes. Here are the docs:

Also, I would be grateful which areas community members would want to vote as a higher priority changes in the current wiki. If you can list them down as a reply to this thread, that would be helpful as a roadmap.

+1, this is a good way to proceed.

I know it has been mentioned a few times recently that the Project Proposals wiki is out-of-date, has lots of stale content. Would be good to port it to readthedocs and update it along the way.

Also, you could properly document that the Weather page is deprecated in favor of raising Weather-type Jiras. Maybe go ahead and remove the old content (it's always in the history).

You could hunt and destroy duplicate Gerrit guides. I found 6 different ones in a few moments of searching.

We should contribute to and use/build-on this LF-wide Gerrit guide:


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