Re: Managed Release Plan 2.0

Daniel Farrell

Reviving a very old thread, thinking we should start discussing on today's integration call.

Also, from an Int/Pack perspective, two thoughts:

* It was a mess to have "two" Fluorine releases (Managed, Manged+Self). That really doesn't work with version numbers.
* If we end up going with a single Managed-only distro as the official release, and ask Self-Managed projects to produce their own release artifacts, I don't think we'd be able to support packaging those as RPMs/Debs. I can imagine ways to do it technically, but I can't allocate cycles to drive that work. If a Self-Managed project wants RPMs/Debs they would need to contribute.


On Fri, Sep 7, 2018 at 2:09 PM An Ho <An.Ho@...> wrote:

As discussed on Thursday’s Integration Meeting, we should consider killing off the “Common Distribution” and supporting only the “Managed Distribution” so that we can scale.  Self Managed projects are free to release their own Per-Use-Case Distributions according to their own schedule.


We all love and appreciate the spectacular and tremendous effort by Luis Gomez to help Self Managed projects at the last 96 hours before release (on Labor Day Weekend), but our release plan should scale without relying on one individual.


Feedback welcome and lets discuss more at the next integration call.


Best Regards,

An Ho

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