Re: Managed Release Plan 2.0

Robert Varga

On 18/10/2018 15:53, Daniel Farrell wrote:
Reviving a very old thread, thinking we should start discussing on
today's integration call.

Also, from an Int/Pack perspective, two thoughts:

* It was a mess to have "two" Fluorine releases (Managed, Manged+Self).
That really doesn't work with version numbers.
Agreed, but I think we will at some point arrive at two releases:
Platform and Managed Apps...

* If we end up going with a single Managed-only distro as the official
release, and ask Self-Managed projects to produce their own release
artifacts, I don't think we'd be able to support packaging those as
RPMs/Debs. I can imagine ways to do it technically, but I can't allocate
cycles to drive that work. If a Self-Managed project wants RPMs/Debs
they would need to contribute.
How difficult it to maintain that?
How much of the current work is really project-specific?
Can we just have a job, which turns org.opendaylight.PROJECT into an RPM
based on the recommended project layout/feature.xml analysis?


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