Revert testplan patches from integration csit templates

Thanh Ha <thanh.ha@...>

Hi Everyone,

Can integration folks review and merge this set of patches with priority?

This reverts csit templates adding nested variables into defaults.yaml. Adding things like:

    streamtestplan: '{project}-{functionality}-{stream}.txt'

to defaults.yaml will cause every single template in releng/builder regardless of if they care about the variables {project}, {functionality}, and {stream} to now be required to set these variables.

This is not a good way to develop job templates. We need to revert the patches please!

I discovered that most of the variables could be removed from defaults.yaml without issue as projects were not overriding them yet, with the exception of {testplan}. I spent time reworking some templates in a way that will allow the projects that started overriding testplan to not break due to the revert. I believe I've caught everything and reworked the affected projects and the specific patch that handles this is:

I'd like to work with the integration team on these templates if certain variables need overriding by projects in a way that avoids using defaults.yaml for this stuff. I think we are abusing defaults.yaml more than it's original intent and I'd like to find a solution that makes things easier for everyone without forcing unneeded variables onto templates that don't require them.


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