Re: [opendaylight-dev] Revert testplan patches from integration csit templates

JamO Luhrsen


I think Sam was going to run a sandbox or two with something more than
AAA with your changes to makes sure things are working.

Was something broken here though, that needed this done quickly? Seems
more like we ended up doing things in a non-best-practices kind of way,
but things were working for us.

I'm fine with doing it whatever is the right way though, and definitely
trust your JJB expertise over mine.


On 11/13/18 1:56 AM, Thanh Ha wrote:
Hi Everyone,
Can integration folks review and merge this set of patches with priority?
This reverts csit templates adding nested variables into defaults.yaml. Adding things like:
    streamtestplan: '{project}-{functionality}-{stream}.txt'
to defaults.yaml will cause every single template in releng/builder regardless of if they care about the variables {project}, {functionality}, and {stream} to now be required to set these variables.
This is not a good way to develop job templates. We need to revert the patches please!
I discovered that most of the variables could be removed from defaults.yaml without issue as projects were not overriding them yet, with the exception of {testplan}. I spent time reworking some templates in a way that will allow the projects that started overriding testplan to not break due to the revert. I believe I've caught everything and reworked the affected projects and the specific patch that handles this is:
I'd like to work with the integration team on these templates if certain variables need overriding by projects in a way that avoids using defaults.yaml for this stuff. I think we are abusing defaults.yaml more than it's original intent and I'd like to find a solution that makes things easier for everyone without forcing unneeded variables onto templates that don't require them.
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