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Hi Saritha,


See my comments inline:


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Thank you for the kick off introduction.

We are excited to work with the team and contribute in this effort.

It would be good if the team can send:
- Information of automation Framework and tools used currently.

We are not really using a framework yet but still evaluating frameworks and tools. For test management Carol and Denghui have tried Jenkins and Robot framework on their own setup, they will be sharing this information very soon (I hope) so you can also contribute with your experience. On the device simulation area, we will be using mininet for OF1.0 and eventually OF1.3, we also have another OF1.3 switch simulation called LINC that has not been tried yet since controller OF1.3 is still under development. We will be also installing LISP device simulation for LISP project testing.

- Details of how to access the Automation Infrastructure/Script code so we can review in spare time and are prepared to contribute.

The test framework will run first in OpenDaylight Lab at Ericsson (I sent you the link already) so it is good idea that you get access and familiar to it. After we have it working in the Lab we will move it to OpenDaylight servers so that test jobs can be synchronized with code commit, we are in contact with OpenDaylight sysadmin Andrew for this task.

- Any documentation or pointers will help

All documentation is available in our wiki (sent you link already), I suggest you go through it and ask any question you may have to the integration list.

This Thursday is Oct 31st, Halloween..need to get back home early :

No problem. I also forgot to tell you we have status-progress calls every Wednesday at 1PM (tomorrow). This is very good meeting to understand where we are on the different tasks so I hope you can make it.

We will  join the Thursday meetings in Ericsson starting next week.

Luis Gomez ---10/28/2013 05:35:48 PM---Hi Integration team, Let me introduce you two new people that have just joined our team: Saritha and

From: Luis Gomez <luis.gomez@...>
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Date: 10/28/2013 05:35 PM
Subject: New contributors

Hi Integration team,
Let me introduce you two new people that have just joined our team: Saritha and Phuc, both are from IBM and both have experience in test tools and automation. Welcome to Integration group!
Carol and Denghui (our mentors for test tools), please sync with Saritha and Phuc regarding to the automation tools .
Saritha and Phuc, we normally meet every Thursday at 5 PM in Ericsson (San Jose) to discuss about test tools and system test, you are more than welcome to join this Thursday.

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