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Luis Gomez

Yeah, I do not think the cloud provider allows for user defined (i.e. extra) VM IP addresses. However I recall similar question was brought some time back so maybe someone found some workaround. 

On Jan 3, 2019, at 7:07 AM, Ivan Hraško <ivan.hrasko@...> wrote:


For my Robot tests I need to assign secondary IP address for cluster owner
as I do here:

I get IP address to be assigned from ${TOOLS_SYSTEM_2_IP} which is turned off
in the beginning of the test.

Problem is that secondary IP address is pingable only from owner.
It is not reachable from other cluster ODL nodes.

When IP address is assigned on ${TOOLS_SYSTEM_2_IP} then it is pingable from all cluster nodes,
see setup (Setup Custom SXP Cluster Session#SxpClusterLib . Shutdown Tools Node) in:

Also creating virtual interface and assign IP address to it doesn't work.

Can you give me advice how to make assigned secondary IP reachable from all ODL nodes?

Thank you!

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