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Adding Thanh directly to answer about the dependencies section. I think that is no longer used. In the beginning the section would trigger other jobs, but I thought that was deprecated but we never removed those sections.

Every patch runs the distribution check job which builds the distribution and includes mostly whatever would have been in that dependencies section. It doesn't run UT beyond SFT though. So this distribution-check gives a good chance that the merge will pass. If the merge then fails, you can revert or push the fix in the next patch. Daily there is also an autorelease job that builds everything and runs tests. HEre also, if it fails, you then revert or push a fix.

For situations where you have a patch that depends on other patches, there is a multi-patch trigger than can be used to build all the patches to ensure they all build together.

On Wed, Jan 16, 2019 at 12:58 AM Meenakshisundaram Rajamani <meenakshisundaram.rajamani@...> wrote:

I am not sure whether my previous mail reached the forum.. Resending..



May I know how a dependent job is getting triggered once a commit is merged for a component?

I see that ‘dependencies’ are defined in below yaml ( for ‘genius’) .. But, how this is picked from Jenkins?

Also, if a  ‘dependent’ merge job failed means, how does the ‘breaking’  commit (say, in genius) is backed-out? Is it automatically done or manually reverted ?





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