Re: Dependency Jobs/module integration after a merge

Luis Gomez

See answer below

On Jan 15, 2019, at 9:23 PM, Meenakshisundaram Rajamani <meenakshisundaram.rajamani@...> wrote:


May I know how a dependent job is getting triggered once a commit is merged for a component?

A gerrit merge triggers a project merge job build that if successful upload projects artifacts to Nexus. The definition of the merge jobs itself is in the releng file:

I see that ‘dependencies’ are defined in below yaml ( for ‘genius’) .. But, how this is picked from Jenkins?

i do not think the "dependencie"s parameter is used anymore, it was used before by the project integration job but those were deleted in favor of a periodic merge job trigger.

Also, if the ‘dependent’ merge job failed means, how does the ‘breaking’  commit (say, in genius) is backed-out? Is it automatically done or manually reverted ?

A failure in a merge job prevents artifact upload but it does not automatically revert the change, the projects committers have to revert or fix the branch in order to get the build back healthy.





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