Re: Saving infra resources

Robert Varga

On 18/01/2019 05:09, Anil Belur wrote:

With the `trigger-parameterized-builds` macro/plugin does not have a
switch which will automagically trigger jobs only if there are none in
the queue. The way around this to use the manual way (without the
plugin) to trigger builds and build some logic over checking if the jobs
are in the queue before triggering. However, once a job is already in
the queue (it already been triggered to start with some data from the
older AR builds, which is probably outdated), and therefore should
remove existing int/dist job from the queue before trigger adds a
new int/dist job. 
Note this applies to merge jobs as well, but there we have a rather
different requirement: the pre-existing enqueued-but-not-started job
should never be canceled.

I'd think this should be fixed in AR/parent job that is triggering these
int/dist jobs every day. The question that needs to be answered is if we
do need to build AR (and int/dist jobs) every day even if there are no
new changes to the project participating in the AR repos.
Since we do not have fully-reproducible builds we cannot assume the
build does not need to trigger just because the source code has not
changed -- one example would be a quiescent period and xtend breaking us :)


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