Re: jobs are failing miserable after builder repo rebase

Sam Hague <shague@...>

On Thu, Mar 14, 2019, 2:17 AM Jaya Priyadarshini <jaya.priyadarshini@...> wrote:

HI All,


Today jobs in Jenkins are failing due to stack failed issue.

I did a git rebase yesterday evening and today morning and ran some job , everything fails at same step as in Jenkins job, ie stacking.


+ cat stack_progress

Stacking Failed

++ cat stack_progress

+ stacking_status='Stacking Failed'

+ '[' 'Stacking Failed' == 'Still Stacking' ']'

+ '[' 'Stacking Failed' == 'Stacking Failed' ']'

+ echo 'node 1 stacking has failed'

node 1 stacking has failed

+ exit 1

Look into the stack.log in the compute_1 folder. At the very bottom you will see why the stack failed. Might be related to the jjb stuff, but that log details what failed.





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