Re: Provision mininet-ovs-{25, 26} images with Ansible.


Hi Anil,

 I think the count is zero, It is not spinning up any VM with that image.

On Fri, Mar 15, 2019 at 4:29 PM Anil Belur <abelur@...> wrote:
Hi Venkat:

Good point. on job no [3.], if we are not using the mininet image we should consider removing that from the job{s}. From the logs we can see
its booting up test VM/node and not really using it (another way to reduce the infra costs). 

Details of the stack creation from the logs.
Stack initialization successful.
Stack Details
{'action': u'CREATE',
 'created_at': u'2019-03-10T23:29:30Z',
 'creation_time': u'2019-03-10T23:29:30Z',
 'deleted_at': None,
 'deletion_time': None,
 'description': u'No description',
 'disable_rollback': True,
 'id': u'f82e66f4-22c7-49fa-b1a5-2faba7e10a08',
 'identifier': 'sandbox-netvirt-csit-3node-0cmb-1ctl-2cmp-openstack-queens-tempest-stateful-fluorine-2/f82e66f4-22c7-49fa-b1a5-2faba7e10a08',
 'is_rollback_enabled': True,
 'location': {'cloud': 'vex',
              'project': {'domain_id': None,
                          'domain_name': 'Default',
                          'id': u'12c36e260d8e4bb2913965203b1b491f',
                          'name': '61975f2c-7c17-4d69-82fa-c3ae420ad6fd'},
              'region_name': 'ca-ymq-1',
              'zone': None},
 'name': u'sandbox-netvirt-csit-3node-0cmb-1ctl-2cmp-openstack-queens-tempest-stateful-fluorine-2',
 'notification_topics': [],
 'outputs': [{u'description': u'IP addresses of the 4th vm types',
              u'output_key': u'vm_3_ips',
              u'output_value': []},
             {u'description': u'IP addresses of the 3rd vm types',
              u'output_key': u'vm_2_ips',
              u'output_value': [u'',
             {u'description': u'IP addresses of the 2nd vm types',
              u'output_key': u'vm_1_ips',
              u'output_value': [u'']},
             {u'description': u'IP addresses of the 1st vm types',
              u'output_key': u'vm_0_ips',
              u'output_value': [u'',
 'owner': None,
 'parameters': {u'OS::project_id': u'12c36e260d8e4bb2913965203b1b491f',
                u'OS::stack_id': u'f82e66f4-22c7-49fa-b1a5-2faba7e10a08',
                u'OS::stack_name': u'sandbox-netvirt-csit-3node-0cmb-1ctl-2cmp-openstack-queens-tempest-stateful-fluorine-2',
                u'job_name': u'27776-2',
                u'silo': u'sandbox',
                u'vm_0_count': u'3',
                u'vm_0_flavor': u'odl-highcpu-8',
                u'vm_0_image': u'ZZCI - CentOS 7 - builder - x86_64 - 20181010-215635.956',
                u'vm_1_count': u'1',
                u'vm_1_flavor': u'odl-highcpu-8',
                u'vm_1_image': u'ZZCI - CentOS 7 - devstack-queens - 20181101-190143.891',
                u'vm_2_count': u'3',
                u'vm_2_flavor': u'odl-highcpu-4',
                u'vm_2_image': u'ZZCI - CentOS 7 - devstack-queens - 20181101-190143.891',
                u'vm_3_count': u'0',
                u'vm_3_flavor': u'odl-highcpu-2',
                u'vm_3_image': u'ZZCI - Ubuntu 16.04 - mininet-ovs-25 - 20190310-111729.055'},
 'parent': None,
 'properties': {u'capabilities': []},
 'stack_name': u'sandbox-netvirt-csit-3node-0cmb-1ctl-2cmp-openstack-queens-tempest-stateful-fluorine-2',
 'stack_owner': None,
 'stack_status': u'CREATE_COMPLETE',
 'stack_status_reason': u'Stack CREATE completed successfully',
 'stack_user_project_id': u'fc40ddc197a9421c85d4e44c2204be3b',
 'status': u'COMPLETE',
 'status_reason': u'Stack CREATE completed successfully',
 'tags': None,
 'tempate_description': u'No description',
 'template_description': u'No description',
 'timeout_mins': 15,
 'updated_at': None,
 'updated_time': None}
Can you submit a change once you can confirm its no longer required in the job (and for other jobs)?  


On Fri, Mar 15, 2019 at 3:41 PM Venkatrangan Govindarajan <vgovindarajan@...> wrote:
Hi Anil,
  Just started reviewing the patches. I think the job [3] does not use any mininet image. There are many other jobs like BGPCEP jobs that will use other components like exabgp. They definitely need to be evaluated.
   I will leave my comments, Pease let me know in case of any questions.  

Venkat G

On Fri, Mar 15, 2019 at 5:19 AM Anil Belur <abelur@...> wrote:
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On Mon, Mar 11, 2019 at 11:16 AM Anil Belur <abelur@...> wrote:
Hi all,

I am working on migrating all the packer images/jobs some of which are still on shell provisioners and re-build them with Ansible code. I've have migrated the Ubuntu 16.04 mininet-ovs-{25,26} images and re-built new images [1.][2.] with the Ansible provisioners and run some tests on sandbox [3.][4.]. 

[1.] ZZCI - Ubuntu 16.04 - mininet-ovs-25 - 20190310-124739.554
[2.] ZZCI - Ubuntu 16.04 - mininet-ovs-26 - 20190309-073757.296

Test results are included below. Can anyone help with running a few more tests on the new images that are built to make sure we are not breaking anything? 

Test results:

CR: Provision mininet-ovs-26 image with Ansible Update Ubuntu 16.04 mininet-ovs-26 image Provision mininet-ovs-25 image with Ansible Update Ubuntu 16.04 mininet-ovs-25 image  

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