Re: Provision mininet-ovs-{25, 26} images with Ansible.

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On Fri, Mar 15, 2019 at 7:48 AM Venkatrangan Govindarajan <vgovindarajan@...> wrote:
Hi Anil,

 I think the count is zero, It is not spinning up any VM with that image.
Yeah, the main netvirt jobs don't spin up the tools vms. As Venkat mentions the tools_count is 0.

On Fri, Mar 15, 2019 at 4:29 PM Anil Belur <abelur@...> wrote:
Hi Venkat:

Good point. on job no [3.], if we are not using the mininet image we should consider removing that from the job{s}. From the logs we can see
its booting up test VM/node and not really using it (another way to reduce the infra costs). 

Details of the stack creation from the logs.
Stack initialization successful.
Stack Details
{'action': u'CREATE',
 'created_at': u'2019-03-10T23:29:30Z',
 'creation_time': u'2019-03-10T23:29:30Z',
 'deleted_at': None,
 'deletion_time': None,
 'description': u'No description',
 'disable_rollback': True,
 'id': u'f82e66f4-22c7-49fa-b1a5-2faba7e10a08',
 'identifier': 'sandbox-netvirt-csit-3node-0cmb-1ctl-2cmp-openstack-queens-tempest-stateful-fluorine-2/f82e66f4-22c7-49fa-b1a5-2faba7e10a08',
 'is_rollback_enabled': True,
 'location': {'cloud': 'vex',
              'project': {'domain_id': None,
                          'domain_name': 'Default',
                          'id': u'12c36e260d8e4bb2913965203b1b491f',
                          'name': '61975f2c-7c17-4d69-82fa-c3ae420ad6fd'},
              'region_name': 'ca-ymq-1',
              'zone': None},
 'name': u'sandbox-netvirt-csit-3node-0cmb-1ctl-2cmp-openstack-queens-tempest-stateful-fluorine-2',
 'notification_topics': [],
 'outputs': [{u'description': u'IP addresses of the 4th vm types',
              u'output_key': u'vm_3_ips',
              u'output_value': []},
             {u'description': u'IP addresses of the 3rd vm types',
              u'output_key': u'vm_2_ips',
              u'output_value': [u'',
             {u'description': u'IP addresses of the 2nd vm types',
              u'output_key': u'vm_1_ips',
              u'output_value': [u'']},
             {u'description': u'IP addresses of the 1st vm types',
              u'output_key': u'vm_0_ips',
              u'output_value': [u'',
 'owner': None,
 'parameters': {u'OS::project_id': u'12c36e260d8e4bb2913965203b1b491f',
                u'OS::stack_id': u'f82e66f4-22c7-49fa-b1a5-2faba7e10a08',
                u'OS::stack_name': u'sandbox-netvirt-csit-3node-0cmb-1ctl-2cmp-openstack-queens-tempest-stateful-fluorine-2',
                u'job_name': u'27776-2',
                u'silo': u'sandbox',
                u'vm_0_count': u'3',
                u'vm_0_flavor': u'odl-highcpu-8',
                u'vm_0_image': u'ZZCI - CentOS 7 - builder - x86_64 - 20181010-215635.956',
                u'vm_1_count': u'1',
                u'vm_1_flavor': u'odl-highcpu-8',
                u'vm_1_image': u'ZZCI - CentOS 7 - devstack-queens - 20181101-190143.891',
                u'vm_2_count': u'3',
                u'vm_2_flavor': u'odl-highcpu-4',
                u'vm_2_image': u'ZZCI - CentOS 7 - devstack-queens - 20181101-190143.891',
                u'vm_3_count': u'0',
                u'vm_3_flavor': u'odl-highcpu-2',
                u'vm_3_image': u'ZZCI - Ubuntu 16.04 - mininet-ovs-25 - 20190310-111729.055'},
 'parent': None,
 'properties': {u'capabilities': []},
 'stack_name': u'sandbox-netvirt-csit-3node-0cmb-1ctl-2cmp-openstack-queens-tempest-stateful-fluorine-2',
 'stack_owner': None,
 'stack_status': u'CREATE_COMPLETE',
 'stack_status_reason': u'Stack CREATE completed successfully',
 'stack_user_project_id': u'fc40ddc197a9421c85d4e44c2204be3b',
 'status': u'COMPLETE',
 'status_reason': u'Stack CREATE completed successfully',
 'tags': None,
 'tempate_description': u'No description',
 'template_description': u'No description',
 'timeout_mins': 15,
 'updated_at': None,
 'updated_time': None}
Can you submit a change once you can confirm its no longer required in the job (and for other jobs)?  


On Fri, Mar 15, 2019 at 3:41 PM Venkatrangan Govindarajan <vgovindarajan@...> wrote:
Hi Anil,
  Just started reviewing the patches. I think the job [3] does not use any mininet image. There are many other jobs like BGPCEP jobs that will use other components like exabgp. They definitely need to be evaluated.
   I will leave my comments, Pease let me know in case of any questions.  

Venkat G

On Fri, Mar 15, 2019 at 5:19 AM Anil Belur <abelur@...> wrote:
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On Mon, Mar 11, 2019 at 11:16 AM Anil Belur <abelur@...> wrote:
Hi all,

I am working on migrating all the packer images/jobs some of which are still on shell provisioners and re-build them with Ansible code. I've have migrated the Ubuntu 16.04 mininet-ovs-{25,26} images and re-built new images [1.][2.] with the Ansible provisioners and run some tests on sandbox [3.][4.]. 

[1.] ZZCI - Ubuntu 16.04 - mininet-ovs-25 - 20190310-124739.554
[2.] ZZCI - Ubuntu 16.04 - mininet-ovs-26 - 20190309-073757.296

Test results are included below. Can anyone help with running a few more tests on the new images that are built to make sure we are not breaking anything? 

Test results:

CR: Provision mininet-ovs-26 image with Ansible Update Ubuntu 16.04 mininet-ovs-26 image Provision mininet-ovs-25 image with Ansible Update Ubuntu 16.04 mininet-ovs-25 image  

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