Re: [netvirt-dev] l2gatewayConnections model missing after deletion?

Vishal Thapar <vthapar@...>

Isn't this one of the changes that came in Neon, where an empty list now returns null/404 instead of emtpy list? I think we ran into similar issue in another test back in Oct/Nov [can't recall] where change was to handle the new error in Neon.

On Sat, Mar 16, 2019 at 11:36 PM Jamo Luhrsen <jluhrsen@...> wrote:
I'm digging through the neon csit failures to help sign off for the
release, and came across a failure in neon csit that is not there in

We need to explain it or fix it so we can get the (now late) Neon
release done.

Essentially, the failure is that a GET to /restconf/config/neutron:neutron/l2gatewayConnections
is coming back 404 after the last l2-gateway-connection is deleted
(done with the neutron CLI). So we get a 404 [1] and this:

"error-tag":"data-missing","error-message":"Request could not be completed
because the relevant data model content does not exist"

In Fluorine [2], we get a 200 and this:


How do we want to handle it? I'll make a note on the tracking sheet [3]
and keep it as pending for now.


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