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Luis Gomez

Hi Pavan,

Thanks for your interest in this ODL internship, I added some some answers below. Let me know if you have further questions.

On Apr 25, 2019, at 8:13 AM, pavan kumar <pavank830@...> wrote:

Hello ,
I am Pavan,a Junior year ComputerScience Undergraduate from India.I really apologize for disturbing you. I have been going through the proposed projects for the Open day light internship program and the project Yang Models Publish caught my attention.

Following is my understanding of the project:

NETCONF protocol uses Yang as it's data modeling language and  each of it's module defines a hierarchy of data that can be used for NETCONF- operations.
Jenkins is an automation server used to automate any kind of task and Jenkins Job builder is used to configure Jenkins.
I have understood that a process using Jerkins must be developed to upload the Yang models automatically to Yang repository.

Can you let me know whether i am in the right path?

I am currently reading about Yang models and Jerkins jobs builder.But me being a novice to Yang model and Jenkins Job builder i am finding it a little difficult to formulate a plan which would help me to automate above process.It would be really kind of you to guide me to any documentation / reference materials that i can use to get a clearer understanding of these concepts. 

Apart from NETCONF, Yang can be used to model REST interface (e.g. RESTCONF) and this is how the northbound API is defined in OpenDaylight. You can find an overview of OpenDaylight in and you can also check how ODL projects define their API in the code inn this link:

Your understanding of jenkins is correct, we will use JJB to create a new job or modify existing one to push yang models to external repo. However this is a very simple task of adding an "Execute shell" step in Jenkins, I believe most of the work will be to create the shell script (bash or python) to collect the relevant models (*.yang files) from the projects that participate in a release.

Finally some work started here: so it would be good to reuse this if possible.

Also,the deadline of  the project is not mentioned in the project details it would really be helpful if you could let me know the deadline for the proposal submission.

Project start and duration is flexible, please check internship rules here:

That being said my lack of knowledge with Yang models and Jerkins jobs builder would not be an hindrance to the project as i will be putting  all my efforts to strengthen my understanding of all prerequisites for the project.

Thanking you,
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