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Luis Gomez

Hi Dhiraj,

Thanks for the interest. Here are some pointers for the project:

- In ODL, Yang models are used to define REST interface (e.g. RESTCONF). You can find an overview of OpenDaylight in and you can also check how ODL projects define their API in the code in this link:

- Finally there is some initial work for this project here:, so it would be good to reuse as much as possible.

I believe the internship will cover these work items:

1) Create sync script to collect relevant models from ODL (see example in Once done, revert to community with the candidate list of models so everybody agrees with these.

2) Try to run the sync script in ODL project so we have control over the trigger. This may require some handle/permission from YangModels folks (

3) Think how often we want to push the models to YangModels: in theory it should be enough to push every time a major ODL release is produced but the YangModels CI can also be used to verify yang model themselves so we probably want something like pushing master models once a week in a folder called master (this PR does not need to be merged) and every major release (we branch from master every 6 months) push a folder (e.g. sodium) with all the models for that particular release (this has to be merged and published in YangModels).

For your questions:

- You do not have to define or implement any model.
- This project will be done by a single intern.

Let me know if you have further questions.


On May 9, 2019, at 5:46 AM, Dhiraj Sharma <dhiraj.sharma0024@...> wrote:

Respected Sir/Mam,
 I am Dhiraj Sharma from Army Institute of Technology Pune. I am an opensource contributor to coala where I was Google Code In 2018 Mentor for them and also for Public Lab organisation.

I have experience working with Python, Git, Github, Web Development and ANTLR(Another Language Tool for Language Recognition).
You can check my contributions related to above-stated skills over

I am interested in which is related to "

Yang Models Publish" project.

I have read the IEEE standards and other models of the Github repository. It seems interesting and understandable to me.
Please provide me with information on what should I include in its proposal eg. Should I implement any model?
Also how many interns you are accommodating for this project?

Hoping to hear from you soon
Thank You
Dhiraj Sharma
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