Re: Query regarding internship project - YangModelsPublish

Robert Varga

On 10/05/2019 18:32, Luis Gomez wrote:

Now if the models needs to be pushed in the master folder every week ,
the sync script will not
work as it requires the auto release path which already contains the
submodules of all the repos updated. So we can either submodule each
ODL project and pass it to the sync script or create a script which
will go through each ODL project repo , get the yang models and push
all the models to yang models repo.
Yeah, I am not sure current AR submodules cover all projects we want in
ODL, specially the MRI projects that are not part of AR. Best place to
see project and version for a given branch is this file in distribution:;a=blob;f=artifacts/upstream/properties/pom.xml;h=e4c41bbb29400d2e53166b8cf1e19d4c4baa4067;hb=HEAD
Actually, we should not be relying on ODL source code repositories to
find the models.

Models should be extracted from .jars which are part of a built
distribution (.zip/.tar.gz) -- hence whatever job publishes them should
react to integration/distribution being updated.

There are two main reasons for that:
- we only want to publish models we actually ship, not various testing
models etc.
- YANG files packaged in jars have their names normalized to YANG
specification (i.e. file name matches module/submodule declaration,
revision is part of name) -- that is not how we store them in git repos


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