Re: Query regarding internship project - YangModelsPublish

Robert Varga

On 11/05/2019 12:08, Robert Varga wrote:
Yeah, I am not sure current AR submodules cover all projects we want in
ODL, specially the MRI projects that are not part of AR. Best place to
see project and version for a given branch is this file in distribution:;a=blob;f=artifacts/upstream/properties/pom.xml;h=e4c41bbb29400d2e53166b8cf1e19d4c4baa4067;hb=HEAD
Actually, we should not be relying on ODL source code repositories to
find the models.

Models should be extracted from .jars which are part of a built
distribution (.zip/.tar.gz) -- hence whatever job publishes them should
react to integration/distribution being updated.

There are two main reasons for that:
- we only want to publish models we actually ship, not various testing
models etc.
- YANG files packaged in jars have their names normalized to YANG
specification (i.e. file name matches module/submodule declaration,
revision is part of name) -- that is not how we store them in git repos
And yes, Michael's patches are doing the wrong thing by sifting through
our source code repositories -- they'd pick up things like CSIT driver
models and mdsal-binding-test-model (which supports MD-SAL unit tests)
-- provided mdsal were a part of autorelease, which it is not.

The script to extract the modules from an unpacked distribution already
lives here:


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