Re: [OpenDaylight TSC] [OpenDaylight][TSC][release] Fluorine SR3 status 13/06 - RC2 candidate sign off

JamO Luhrsen

On 6/15/19 4:16 AM, Robert Varga wrote:
On 15/06/2019 00:14, Luis Gomez wrote:
As I mentioned earlier, there has been some change in karaf fluorine so
that now the first time you connect to the console via SSH (ssh -p 8101
karaf@....0.1 <mailto:karaf@....0.1>) can take more than 10 secs.
This produces the issue in the test. Now I am not sure this is critical
enough to fix it.
This is probably related to BC 1.61, quoting 1.62 release notes:

A performance issue with RSA key pair generation that was introduced in
1.61 has been mostly eliminated.

I am not sure it's worth re-spinning the whole thing, though...
is this a cumbersome process for us? Like we've decided before with Fluorine
SR3, since it's the last release for Fluorine maybe we take the time to make sure
we get it as polished as possible.

The CSIT jobs to vet afterward are a smaller set than in previous releases so
it's really only hopefully another 2-3 days to get it done once we have the BC



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