Re: Rocky fails saying Centos image is absent

Anil Belur


Can you test this new image which includes the dependencies and let me know if this works?

"ZZCI - CentOS 7 - devstack-rocky - 20190620-061835.609"


On Thu, Jun 20, 2019 at 3:19 PM Jaya Priyadarshini <jaya.priyadarshini@...> wrote:

Hi Anil,


After updating the new centos image, stack fails with this issue:

cannot initialize PMD due to missing run-time dependency on rdma-core libraries (libibverbs, libmlx5)

Here are a few links which says that installing `libibverbs` resolved this specific issue. So do we pre-install it in centos or shall I install it before stacking.




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Subject: Re: Rocky fails saying Centos image is absent


"ZZCI - CentOS 7 - devstack-rocky - 20190429-114045.588" this is the older image which has been removed, you should be testing the updated image

in the change "ZCI - CentOS 7 - devstack-rocky - 20190601-000116.015".


The errors are because we've had an issue with openstack cron jobs for a while now they were not working. Any updated images during this time were _not_ marked protected and therefore have been removed after the job is fixed.


- Anil



On Mon, Jun 10, 2019 at 7:59 PM Jaya Priyadarshini <jaya.priyadarshini@...> wrote:

Hi Anil,


Regarding this patch of yours

It says 1) openstack_rocky_system_image: ZZCI - CentOS 7 - devstack-rocky - 20190429-114045.588

Will be changed to 2) openstack_rocky_system_image: ZZCI - CentOS 7 - devstack-rocky - 20190601-000116.015


Well, rocky jobs failed saying the first image is not present


Creating stack sandbox-netvirt-csit-1node-0cmb-1ctl-2cmp-openstack-rocky-upstream-stateful-sodium-2

WARN: Failed to initialize stack. Reason: Resource CREATE failed: resources[0]: resources.vm_1_group.Property error: Error validating value 'ZZCI - CentOS 7 - devstack-rocky - 20190429-114045.588': No images matching {'name': u'ZZCI - CentOS 7 - devstack-rocky - 20190429-114045.588'}.


My doubt was, don’t we  keep the old images intact till the new image is merged via defaults.yaml. So that we don’t have any intermittent failures.




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