Re: [OpenDaylight][TSC][release] Fluorine SR3 status 13/06 - RC2 candidate sign off

Anil Belur

On Fri, Jun 21, 2019 at 3:05 PM Thanh Ha <zxiiro@...> wrote:
Hi Anil,

For obvious reasons I can no longer see Maven Central configuration for ODL. What must we do to ensure that we can get Maven Central releases moving forward?

I took at look at and at the time of this writing it seems the only repos available are all built today.

Is the cause because we have had too many staging repos created in a short amount of time so they get cleaned up? Can you contact Sonatype and inquire about how we can increase the number of repos we can have simultaneously? Alternatively maybe we need to create per project ODL accounts in Maven Central?


Thanks for the suggestions. I've opened an issue with Sonatype. 

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