help with running csit tests

Emmett Cox <emmett.cox@...>

Hi Everyone,

I've been having a few issues with running some of the opendaylight csit tests, and was wondering if I could get some clarification/help regarding the errors i'm seeing.

I'm running the test-suite controller/dom_rpc_broker - the functionality I'm adding to odl should allow actions to be used in clustering just like how rpc's are used, so I want to first check that my changes won't break the original functionality before I add my own tests.

The tests are currently failing when I run them - I've included all the log files with the email, but In particular the errorĀ  thats the root of the failure is:

<errors xmlns="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:yang:ietf-restconf"><error><error-type>protocol</error-type><error-tag>unknown-element</error-tag><error-message>The module named 'odl-mdsal-lowlevel-control' does not exist.</error-message></error></errors>

So the error seems to be relating to a missing yang model, which I found in the controller repo here: . I'm not sure whether this yang model should be added to the controller as part of the csit tests - maybe the setup should be adding it and its failing? - Or alternatively if there's a setup scrip thatĀ  I should be running before the csit tests are run - Currently I'm just running robot straight against the tests. Could be I'm also running the wrong console command:

robot --removekeywords wuks -c critical -e exclude -v BUNDLEFOLDER:/home/user/distribution/karaf/target/karaf-0.11.0-SNAPSHOT -v BUNDLE_URL:file:///home/user/distribution/karaf/target/karaf-0.11.0-SNAPSHOT -v CONTROLLER: -v CONTROLLER_USER:user -v NEXUSURL_PREFIX: -v NUM_ODL_SYSTEM:1 -v ODL_STREAM:sodium -v ODL_SYSTEM_IP: -v ODL_SYSTEM_USER:user -v USER_HOME:/home/user -v ODL_SYSTEM_USER:user -v TOOLS_SYSTEM_USER:user -v WORKSPACE:$USER_HOME CRUD.robot

the bundlefolder and bundle_url both point to where i've untared my locally built karaf, and seem to work perfectly for several other tests, but fail specifically on this suite of tests.

If anyone could give advice on how to solve this issue I'd greatly appreciate it, and perhaps if the issue seems too complicated to solve from emails alone and someone would have the time perhaps we could try arrange a meeting together to try debug the issue - let me know what you think.



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