Re: Java 11 CSIT?

JamO Luhrsen

Yes, we can start thinking about how to do this. Probably we should
find some reliable small set of jobs that we can duplicate to run
java 11 with for sodium to figure out any major issues now, then
when we branch to Magnesium we can just enable java 11 by default for
all of those jobs.

we did work through this process before when going from java 7 to
java 8, so we can at least remember what we did by looking at old

So, in short Faseela, I would recommend just the most reliable netvirt
job to try with 11 for now. We can add more later if we think it's
worth it.


On 6/24/19 2:34 AM, Faseela K wrote:
We can work on getting netvirt CSIT run with Java 11.
Should we create a separate job for java 11 csit per project?
If you could give inputs on this to Jaya, we will pick up the netvirt CSIT part.

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Hey everyone,

we do have autorelease-openjdk11, but we are not running any CSIT with JRE 11.

Given that we're very likely to switch to Java 11+ in Magnesium, which will change the default garbage collector (, there are certainly going to be effects on tests.

Can we get at least some CSIT working with Java 11 in Sodium timeframe, just to get a bit more ready?


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