netvirt-csit gone all red


Hi All,


Almost all last build have failed with below error in netvirt


+ ssh 'sed -i '\''s/flat_networks public/flat_networks public,physnet1/'\'' /opt/stack/devstack/lib/neutron'

Warning: Permanently added '' (ECDSA) to the list of known hosts.

sed: can't read /opt/stack/devstack/lib/neutron: No such file or directory

++ trap_handler 833 15569

++ local prog=/tmp/

++ local lastline=833

++ local lasterr=15569

++ echo 'trap_handler: /tmp/ line 833: exit status of last command: 15569'

trap_handler: /tmp/ line 833: exit status of last command: 15569

++ echo 'trap_handler: command: ssh ${!CONTROLIP} "sed -i '\''s/flat_networks public/flat_networks public,physnet1/'\'' /opt/stack/devstack/lib/neutron"'

trap_handler: command: ssh ${!CONTROLIP} "sed -i 's/flat_networks public/flat_networks public,physnet1/' /opt/stack/devstack/lib/neutron"

++ exit 1

Build step 'Execute shell' marked build as failure

$ ssh-agent -k


Trying to see if I can fix it, Anyone has any idea what could have gone wrong?




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