Re: Karaf stop command not working in Sodium.

Robert Varga

On 05/08/2019 12:23, Faseela K wrote:


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*Subject:* [integration-dev] Karaf stop command not working in Sodium.



From today it is observed that in Genius CSIT karaf is not getting killed.

Command executed to stop controller : /tmp/karaf-0.11.0/bin/stop
Not an odlparent problem:

2019-08-05T04:33:48,484 | INFO | Karaf Shutdown Socket Thread | ShutdownSocketThread | - - | Karaf shutdown socket: received shutdown command. Stopping framework...

2019-08-05T04:33:52,404 | INFO | Framework stop | BlueprintBundleTracker | 210 - org.opendaylight.controller.blueprint - 0.11.0 | Shutdown of blueprint containers complete
The only explanation is that there is a non-daemon thread holding down
the JVM. Please do dump the threads to make sense of this.


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