Re: Karaf stop command not working in Sodium.

Robert Varga

Checkout v4.0.3 mdsal tag, cherry-pick the patch, build affected component, replace the jar in the distro.

I am sure there is also an automated way, but Luis knows the details.

And it's not that the instance won't come down, it just takes more time than the tests are waiting for and it obviously depends on the number of features installed.

Robert (offline for real)

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   We tried downloading the same distro and tested things manually, but we are not able to reproduce the issue.
   But this is failing most of the times in Jenkins.
   And can you tell us how to test this with a WIP patch in mdsal? [0]
   How do we test this without having version bump patches in all projects?
   Also, why did this break all of a sudden?


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On 05/08/2019 21:42, Jamo Luhrsen wrote:

is this enough info?

thread dump before running robot:
^^^ your email client has betrayed you :)

thread dump after running robot:

I'm not really sure what to look for, but really curious.
Yeah, kinda ... since build #273 it looks like "Framework stop" is creating SchemaContexts. It really should not, as we should be speedily stopping.

This is probably a side-effect of fix, we have a slight optimization already staged for mdsal-4.0.4, but this needs proper looking after.

Can you file an issue with mdsal?

Also, can you try with ?

I'll take a look next week, as I am going offline.


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