Re: [release] [tsc] Configure Smart Proxy between ODL Nexus and Central

Robert Varga

On 28/08/2019 06:36, Anil Belur wrote:
Greetings all,
Hello Anil,

Going forward, we'll need to configure the smart proxy on our the
environment to sync and publish artifacts onto Central. Also, we'll need
to ensure this is done on priority so that ODL's staging repositories
for the upcoming releases don't get purged.
Right, and as with my various hats on, let's make this happen as soon as
possible. We are *long* overdue with a Central SR release, it just Must

With my MRI hats on, experience shows we cannot get rid of ODL Nexus, so
if the release is driven by ODL Nexus and Central is just a recipient of
promoted org.opendaylight.* artifacts, all is good.

+1 on executing on this right now.


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