Re: [tsc][release] Configure Smart Proxy between ODL Nexus and Central

Robert Varga

On 28/08/2019 06:36, Anil Belur wrote:
Greetings all,

Sonatype has updated the issue that was opened Maven Central [1.] on the
missing staging repositories and made some recommendations. A large
number of staging repositories along with dup artifacts is making
Central instable. Therefore they have recommended a workaround to
configure the proxy between ODL Nexus and Maven Central [2.], that will
inform and publish artifacts downstream when they are created on ODL Nexus.

Going forward, we'll need to configure the smart proxy on our the
environment to sync and publish artifacts onto Central. Also, we'll need
to ensure this is done on priority so that ODL's staging repositories
for the upcoming releases don't get purged.
Hello again,

I would like to note that this activity has been successfully completed
(thanks Anil and the Sonatype folks).

There is one unforeseen side-effect of this: all of our artifacts ever
released (well, at least all the way back to Helium release) are now
available on Maven Central -- i.e.

The immediate upshot of this is that we have javadocs for all artifacts
also available through, for example:


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