Re: [OpenDaylight TSC] [release] MRI merge window happening now

Robert Varga

On 17/10/2019 06:39, JamO Luhrsen wrote:

actually, it looks like build #60 just passed so we can check what CSIT
looks like from that. It'll
be this job:
I analyzed
and the failures look like:

1) something caused by Java 8 -> 11 transition
ran with Java 8 and succeeded
ran with Java 11 and failed

Both runs happened *before* the MRI patches went in.

2) they should be handled in CSIT infra
is clearly a difference in whitespace, which is insignificant (and shows
Java 11 pretty-printing XML).

I know nothing about RF-fu, but the test does:

[Arguments] ${name}
[Documentation] Load and send the request from the dataset and compare the returned reply to the one stored in the dataset.
${actual}= Load_And_Send_Message ${name}
${expected}= Load_Expected_Reply ${name}
${actual}= String.Remove String ${actual} ]]>]]>
${actual}= String.Strip String ${actual} mode=both
XML.Elements Should Be Equal ${actual} ${expected} normalize_whitespace=True
[Return] ${actual}
which I think should do the trick, based on

Do we have bug in RF or am I missing something?


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