OVS versions in use?

Robert Varga


I have noticed we are using OVS 2.9.2 (released 5/25/2018) in CSIT. Any
particular reason we are not using latest (2.12.90)?

What really is our OVS version support matrix? I would expect us to
verify against last-supported (okay, 2.9.2) as well as a latest stable
(LTS, whatever) and bleeding-edge.


P.S.: OVSDB has this thing in AutoAttach.class:

// FIXME: To be uncommented when Open vSwitch supports external_ids column
// @TypedColumn (name="external_ids", method= MethodType.GETCOLUMN, fromVersion="7.11.2")
// Column<GenericTableSchema, Map<String, String>> getExternalIdsColumn();
// @TypedColumn (name="external_ids", method= MethodType.SETDATA, fromVersion="7.11.2")
// void setExternalIds(Map<String, String> externalIds);
without a reference to OVS tracker issue, hence the ask

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