Re: OVS versions in use?

JamO Luhrsen

Once upon a time [0], netvirt used to actively track and try to
keep up with ovs releases and keep some sanity around the combinations
to test, but that has lapsed and recently [1] they realized that they
are also running on an old version (2.8)

But, netvirt has their own ways of getting ovs installed when they are
deploying openstack.

I think you might be referring to openflowplugin or ovsdb jobs right?
Those are coming from what we have installed on the VMs were are bringing
up in those stacks.

looking at this osvdb csit output, I think it might be even worse and
using version 2.5.5. We can get all default template CSIT jobs
to use 2.8 quickly with this patch [3]. Obviously, we'd need to take a
look after merging it to make sure nothing new crops up.

I think the bottom line is someone needs to create the new image with
the right releng/builder patch then update the relevant jobs to use
said image.



On 12/4/19 2:10 PM, Robert Varga wrote:


I have noticed we are using OVS 2.9.2  (released 5/25/2018) in CSIT. Any
particular reason we are not using latest (2.12.90)?

What really is our OVS version support matrix? I would expect us to
verify against last-supported (okay, 2.9.2) as well as a latest stable
(LTS, whatever) and bleeding-edge.


P.S.: OVSDB has this thing in AutoAttach.class:

    // FIXME: To be uncommented when Open vSwitch supports external_ids column
//    @TypedColumn (name="external_ids", method= MethodType.GETCOLUMN, fromVersion="7.11.2")
//    Column<GenericTableSchema, Map<String, String>> getExternalIdsColumn();
//    @TypedColumn (name="external_ids", method= MethodType.SETDATA, fromVersion="7.11.2")
//    void setExternalIds(Map<String, String> externalIds);
without a reference to OVS tracker issue, hence the ask

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