Re: patches pending for neon sr3 release

Robert Varga

On 05/12/2019 22:30, Daniel De La Rosa wrote:
Thanks JamO

Let me add the current status of these patches inline. @Robert Varga
<mailto:nite@...> I believe that this list is missing OVSDB patches
but other than that, we only have to merge/fix two OFP and one Genius
patch at this time to be able to start the release of Neon SR3
Yeah, so these are: (thread names) (thread leak) (epoll on linux/x86) (inefficient queueing) (CSIT failure)

Those are very well contained patches, each of which has a measurable
impact on OVSDB's ability to scale.

The last one will not be completely resolved, but at least helped a lot.
Proper resolution involves a few days of analysis, so I am leaving it
for another day.


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