Re: topics for integration meeting tomorrow (12/11/2019)?

Robert Varga

On 11/12/2019 22:50, Luis Gomez wrote:
BTW for the first issue (old version not working in Magnesium) I suspect
it is JDK 11 problem.

You can can see the ERRORs in this

Caused by: java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: Boot class path mechanism is not supported
at org.elasticsearch.monitor.jvm.JvmInfo.<clinit>(
... 54 more

The boot class path has been mostly removed in this release. The java -Xbootclasspath and -Xbootclasspath/p options have been removed. The javac -bootclaspath option can only be used when compiling to JDK 8 or older. The system property sun.boot.class.path has been removed. Deployments that rely on overriding platform classes for testing purposes with -Xbootclasspath/p will need to changed to use the --patch-module option that is documented in JEP 261. The -Xbootclasspath/a option is unchanged.
I think this is a bug in ES, which fails to account for UOE being
legally thrown from RuntimeMXBean.getBootClassPath().,
too :)


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