TWS meeting slot time change to Mondays 9 am Pacific

Abhijit Kumbhare


The TWS call time slot has been Mondays 10 am Pacific since the beginning of OpenDaylight. At the same time we voted and agreed the timing for the Micro-distribution meeting will be Mondays 9 am Pacific. This topic is very much similar to a potential TWS topic and we have not had a TWS meeting for some time. Hence in today's TSC meeting we decided the following:
  • For the near term (while we have no other TWS topic) we will discuss the Micro-distribution topic in the TWS meetings.
  • We will move the TWS meeting to Mondays 9 am Pacific (instead of 10 am Pacific).
Casey will send the update on the call zoom info. We will have this coming Monday the call at 9 am Pacific as the Micro-distribution team had already discussed about meeting at this time on coming Monday.


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