Re: autorelease-validate-central job?

JamO Luhrsen

I'm not really sure what we'd have to do here to get what Robert
wants. Thanh, Anil, anyone else know if this is feasible and/or
easy to setup?


On 12/18/19 9:24 AM, Robert Varga wrote:


we are currently releasing to Central, but there is no guarantee those
artifacts do not require to actually work.

There are important differences, as our nexus is a mirror, which
contains additionally seeded artifacts -- see for details. Also
compare to
content of nexus.

In order to validate that this really is the case, we really should be
running autorelease *without*, i.e. making sure
we depend *only* on the content of Central.

This might be a drastic step, so can we first have a weekly job which
performs autorelease-release, but does nothing else?


P.S.: this is something we definitely would want for MRI's maven-stage
jobs -- that way we have assurance that our upstream artifacts have been
successfully replicated on Central.

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