Re: mdsal-4.0.12/mdsal-4.0.13 released

JamO Luhrsen

On 3/9/20 10:57 PM, Robert Varga wrote:

On 10/03/2020 00:36, Jamo Luhrsen wrote:

On 3/7/20 5:10 PM, Robert Varga wrote:
On 07/03/2020 14:19, Robert Varga wrote:
Combined patch series for downstreams to adopt these versions in
stable/sodium lives here:"mri-sodium-sr3"

And has an multipatch build going on here:
... which passed. How can I check CSIT on this thing again? :)
what I would have done is take the distribution produced in the
dist-check job and pass
it to our distribution-test CSIT parent job, but looks like there was a
failure so no distribution
was created:

Unless I'm missing something, since you said it passed. ?
Wrong job, dude :)
my bad. but what is the dist-check job you see when you go here? it's red:

Bundle uploaded to

I started int-dist-test-sodium #509 ... in a couple of hours once #508
finishes up...
ping me when it's done and I'll glance through to see if anything seems off.



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