Re: Need help in OVS support for feature - OVS Based NA Responder for IPv6 default Gateway.

JamO Luhrsen

Hi Srinivas,

what version of OVS are you looking for? Is it really 12.0? The highest
I see is 2.14.x on the page:

But, as for what we have in our infra at this point, I think it's only 2.8:
(see ZZCI - Ubuntu 16.04 - mininet-ovs-28 - 20190415-091034.881)

There is some fanciness in the deploy-openstack script we use
to setup netvirt jobs to deploy a custom OVS, and maybe that
would help?

Hope it helps,

On 3/17/20 7:18 PM, srinivas.rachakonda@... wrote:

Hi All,


I am working on the feature: OVS Based NA Responder for IPv6 default Gateway.


To integrate this feature to CSIT, we need OVS 12.0. support.


Please let me know if OVS 12.0 image is already built and can be used.







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