Re: {neon,magnesium}-rtd-merge failing

JamO Luhrsen

On 3/19/20 7:44 AM, Robert Varga wrote:
is rather outdated in that:

- it does not list stable/magnesium
- latest should point to aluminium at this point

I tried to take a quick peek only to find that both:

are failing and have been for more than 2 months. Anybody have any idea
as to what is going on?

Also, sort of related, projects should be checking their readthedocs
builds. Example link for integration/test:

I noticed trouble with those weeks ago and one problem was a
python2 vs python3 issue. We fixed it in a few projects, but maybe
not all. If the RTD build is failing, even if the merge job problem
gets fixed, it wont really matter.




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