Re: Checklist addition

Thanh ha <zxiiro@...>

On Thu, 26 Mar 2020 at 15:06, Robert Varga <nite@...> wrote:


[26/03/2020 20:03:08] <odp-gerritbot> Thanh Ha (zxiiro) proposed a
change to bgpcep: Master branch is now Aluminium
[26/03/2020 20:03:37] <odp-gerritbot> A change was merged to bgpcep:
Master branch is now Aluminium

needs to be automated at branch cut point, or at least very visibly

How do we make it happen?
Do we have a set of scripts projects should execute to branch (it does
affect self-released people, too)?

Last summer we had an intern work on some scripts to tackle this problem. The scripts and jobs are available in releng/builder jjb and they can be reviewed here:

Refer to the 2 scripts prefixed with docs_version_bump*.sh and there are jobs defined such as docs-update-magnesium.

With that said I'm hesitant to run them because we have not had a proper review of those scripts so it is unclear to me of the state these scripts are in. Unfortunately I do not have the cycles to properly go through and maintain those scripts but would be worth as a starting point if anyone has cycles to step up and take care of it.

The idea is these scripts use autorelease projects to grep and sed files and automatically generates patches and proposes them to the autorelease projects. MRI and Self-Managed projects will still need to update and maintain their own internal docs.


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