Re: NETVIRT-1586 - OVS Based NA Responder for IPv6 default Gateway

Srinivas <srinivas.rachakonda@...>

Hi Jamo,


Thanks for the mail and help provided.


The changes are xml based where we are introducing a flag "na-responder-mode" which can be either controller or switch based.



By default the flag "na-responder-mode" is set to controller and existing CSIT scripts would go through.

The suite that I have written is for when the flag "na-responder-mode" is set to "switch"

This is to check how the flows are generated and check traffic with switch mode.


I want the script to be in a separate testplan, something like tdd- (same as used by NAT/Conntrack suites) which will be run on demand basis.






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Subject: Re: NETVIRT-1586 - OVS Based NA Responder for IPv6 default Gateway


Hi Srinivas,

I noticed your CSIT patch failed to verify, but that might be a problem
with the verify job. I see something to do with python2 vs python3. I'll
try to figure that out.

As for where and how this new suite will run, you already added it to
the netvirt-1node-openstack.txt testplan, so it will run in all those
jobs using that testplan. However, if the feature is not installed by
default, you will want to add that to the feature list in the netvirt
JJB jobs. Like this:

I would create the releng/builder patch, then push a job to the sandbox
using that code. Then run the sandbox job with PATCHREFSPEC pointing
to your int/test patch. If everything is as expected we can merge both
releng/builder and int/test patches at the same time.



On 4/10/20 9:27 PM, srinivas.rachakonda@... wrote:

Hi Jamo,

A new feature is to be added in Aluminium release.


I have added the below suite for OVS Based NA Responder for IPv6 default Gateway.


The design link is:


The feature automation was done for the above design code to be pushed to CSIT.

But by default this feature won’t be enabled.


Please kindly suggest on where should this script be added so that it can be used whenever needed.






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