Re: mailing list mapping from old lists to new lists

Casey Cain

Hi, Jamo.
I sent out the mapping of mailing lists as part of the migration.  Currently, projects that are considered "Kernel" are all forwarded to kernel-dev.  All other mailing lists (not including security, Jenkins, Infrastructure, Integration, discuss, TSC, dev, documentation, marketing, project proposals and release) are forwarded to app-dev.
If you are not subscribed to kernel-dev or app-dev, you will NOT receive an email.  Email sent to the old lists is being forwarded to the new lists automatically.  Please subscribe to kernel-dev or app-dev to receive emails.
You can subscribe to app-dev here:
You can subscribe to kernel-dev here:

Sadly, we can not edit the subgroup page on  It just lists the mailing lists.  It does however indicated which groups are "locked" with a padlock.  The lists that are locked will not receive email and are forwarded to kernel-dev or app-dev.  We can add a "category" to each of the lists, though.  I am not sure if or how that may help though.

Here is the current mapping of lists that are forwarded:

kernel-dev@... will receive all emails sent to:

app-dev@... will receive all emails sent to:

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On Thu, Apr 16, 2020 at 8:44 AM Jamo Luhrsen <jluhrsen@...> wrote:

Where can I find the mapping of projects to which new email list I
should be sending to? Like, which projects are in the kernel-dev
vs app-dev lists?

Also, can we edit the info on this page somehow?

I'd like to clean up the description for the integration-dev list.


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