Re: [opendaylight-dev] Build step 'Execute shell' marked build as failure

JamO Luhrsen

It's not always obvious, but you have to dig through the console log to see
what's wrong. Here's what I found:

  [ERROR] Non-resolvable import POM: Could not find artifact org.opendaylight.netconf:netconf-artifacts:pom:1.8.0-SNAPSHOT

That is magnesium official release version, but we are now working
on SR1, which is version 1.8.1-SNAPSHOT. The common/pom.xml in your
patch's tree is here:;a=blob;f=common/pom.xml;h=cba96a6a173fe8a65dae37a99fb9f9c721273f3b;hb=9c08179c83415e9dd87f12fd46a2652cf07d9c62#l27

I'm guessing all you need to do is rebase to get past this error.

Hope it helps,

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