Re: Quagga needs to be updated with latest packages.

JamO Luhrsen

Hi Srinivas,

I'm not really remembering how the quagga stuff gets setup for
netvirt jobs. Are you asking to install new .deb or .rpm packages
or 6WIND, or how to create them?

Anyway, some things are already there sort of scattered. Maybe
those can be updated to do what you want?

there is a jenkins builder called 'netvirt-build-quagga' [0] that
calls a quagga script [1]. I guess that runs in a job called "thirdparty-quagga-*" [2]
Is that creating what you want? If so you can poke around there.

In the csit repo, it looks like the script [3] is trying
to get the bits created by the above.

Hope something is helpful from that. I just went searching through
the repos :)






On 5/5/20 11:32 PM, srinivas.rachakonda@... wrote:

Hi Jamo,


Recently a lot of BGP changes have been updated from downstream to community.

Due to this the quagga needs to be updated with the latest code from 6WIND.


Please kindly suggest on how to proceed and create a new Debian and RPM packages for 6WIND.


Any pointers to with will be of great help.






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