Re: Quagga needs to be updated with latest packages.

Srinivas <srinivas.rachakonda@...>

Correcting the subject line.


Hi Anil,


I need to build deb and rpm packages with the latest quagga from git.

Below are the jobs that do this:


  1. netvirt-thirdparty-quagga-ubuntu1604
  2. netvirt-thirdparty-quagga-centos7

To compile the packages we need to add the below line to any of the gerrit comment line:


jjb-deploy: netvirt-thirdparty-quagga-ubuntu1604


Attached is the mail conversation on the above topic.






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Subject: Re: [integration-dev] Need help on odltools running in CSIT.




On Thu, May 21, 2020 at 9:51 PM Anil Belur via <> wrote:

Hi Srinivas, 


Can you point us as to which CSIT job you would like to run this code? 





Hi Srinivas, 


Do you know what version of quagga needs to be supported/tested on 18.04? 


The jobs are created on Jenkins, and you can override the default version from the build params to build the required version of quagga. 





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