Re: Clean committer list

Vratko Polak -X (vrpolak - PANTHEON TECHNOLOGIES at Cisco)

Not interested, +1 to removing me.

Basically, nothing has changed since my last e-mail [0].






From: integration-dev@... <integration-dev@...> On Behalf Of Luis Gomez
Sent: Sunday, 2020-May-24 21:40
To: An Ho <An.Ho@...>; Sam Hague <shague86@...>; Stephen Kitt <skitt@...>
Cc: integration-dev@...
Subject: [integration-dev] Clean committer list



If I am not mistaken, you are still int/dist committers in the ODL project. As int/dist PTL I am in the obligation of cleaning the committer list. Since I have not seen contributions from any of you for a while, I would like to ask: are you still interested in continuing as committer for this release (Aluminium). No answer means you are not interested so I will proceed with cleaning your name from the list.


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